Adaptive bit-rate streaming

Media Manager players deliver adaptive bit-rate streaming at up to 1080p resolution, ensuring viewers are delivered the highest quality video available.

When a video is uploaded to the Media Manager CMS, the video encoder analyses the data-rate and resolution of the file and creates several web friendly versions up to the resolution of the source file. For example a MOV at 6,000kbs with 1080p would be encoded to the following:

  1. 360p at 500kps
  2. 480p at 1200kps
  3. 720p at 1900kps
  4. 1080p at 3800kps

During video playback, Media Manager automatically detects and delivers the optimum video for the user’s available bandwidth and device capabilities. Transitions between the different renditions are made in real-time, if the bandwidth changes on the client side. 

HTTP Live Streaming

Media Manager’s chosen video delivery method is 'Apple's HTTP Live' Streaming Protocol, which is the only video delivery method to stream across both desktop and iOS devices. It works by breaking the overall stream into a sequence of small HTTP-based file downloads.  As the stream is played, the client may select from a number of different alternate streams containing the same material encoded at a variety of data-rates. This allows the streaming session to adapt to the available data rate. 

HLS is capable of traversing any firewall or proxy server that lets through standard HTTP traffic. This makes it ideal for complex corporate networks and remote desktop usage. 

All of Media Managers content is delivered via CDNs (Content Distribution Networks) ensuring playback is fast and reliable from any location.