Popup embed code

Easy to embed Popup video player, no programming required

Media Manager allows you to embed your videos using a popup. You will need an element on the page itself to trigger the popup itself. This is usually a link or an image that once clicked on opens the popup. So we can create a simple link element.

<a href="#">Play video</a>

So we have a link that we want to trigger the popup. In order for it to trigger the popup we need to add some attributes to the link itself so we know what video to load once clicked.

<a href="#" class="mediamanager-embed" data-id="53ec6f53140ba029158b45e1" data-client="demo" data-template="524d335275a295281e8b46d9" data-width="800" data-height="450">View Video 2</a>

We need to give it a class of "mediamanager-embed" as this tells the script where to get the data. Next we add data attributes telling the script what data to load. So in this case we have added data like data-client, data-template, data-width and so on. Not all these are required.

data-idyesThe ID of the media
data-clientyesYour client shortname
data-templatenoThe template you wish to embed the video on
data-widthnoThe width of the popup
data-heightnoThe height of the popup
data-autoplaynoIf media should autoplay within template (default: true)
data-socialnoIf player should have social options (default: true)

Note: Any other data- parameter is considered a "Analytic Tag".

Next you will need to include the Media Manager Embed Script.

<script src="https://{YOURSHORTNAME}.getmediamanager.com/js/mm.embed-pop.v1.js"></script>

You can view an example by clicking here

Using an image

You can also use an image to trigger the popup.

<a href="#" class="mediamanager-embed" data-id="53ce70d1140ba0d23d8b45b0" data-client="demo" data-template="524d335275a295281e8b46d9" data-width="800" data-height="450"><img src="https://9c6cbea8699554ec7450-3167e787ea6d0508c4...."  width="350"/></a>#

So we can see an example