Two-Factor Authentication

Extra security with Two-Factor Authentication

MediaManager allows you to add an extra layer of security to your account by using two factor authentication. Enabling this feature requires a designated user of your account to enter an extra passcode (PIN) during login. This PIN is sent to their phones after first entering their username and password details. The steps progress as follows:


1. Visit *

As shown in the image below, the user has to enter their username and password when they encounter this page.

MediaManager Login Screen

2. Enter PIN

Next, a notice will show, requesting the PIN that has been sent to your mobile phone; this PIN will expire in 10 minutes. Here, you encounter the final step of your authenticion.


3. Gain access

MediaManager's dashboard  you have logged in. This completes the two-factor authentication process! 

With this feature unauthorized access is made far more difficult, providing your account extra security.