Define different users' roles in the CMS, restricting certain users to their own content and access to personalised analytics.

Whether you're a marketer, developer or in sales, we know that every user has their own specific set of requirements. The Media Manager CMS allows you to set roles for groups of users, or individuals, to tailor their experience for them.

Marketers can concentrate on driving campaign results with customised dashboards, which show advanced engagement reports for videos. 

The sales team can focus on new leads with data captured from the analytics system. Email addresses or phone numbers of prospective clients are exportable CSV files from within a customised Analytics Dashboard. 

User roles can also be used to control the level of content access a user has. Some videos may only be relevant to a specific user group. For example, sales reports could be made inaccessible to the general public and only to be viewable by users with the 'Sales' role.