Increased SEO presence on your site with our automatic "video sitemap" generator

Our SEO tools ensure that your videos are found by search engines and that the results point back to your website. We make it easy for you to create and maintain video sitemaps and ensure they are always up-to-date so that Google has the best information about your video content. You can choose to provide search engines with the category, title, description, video duration and intended audience for each video on your site. This helps Google and other search engines know about all the video content on your site, which should improve the listing of your site on video and overall search results.

When a supported format is submitted via a video sitemap or the regular sitemap, it is then searchable within the videos section of Google. When users search and find a video, they are displayed with a thumbnail and meta information as provided within the sitemap. The videos are then linked back to your website directly

The video content will also display in standard search results, which further boosts the visibility of your video and your site.